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Active Child is the stage name used by an electronic musician named Pat Grossi. Active Child weaves elements of indie pop, shoegaze, dream pop and ambient music together to create a distinct electronic sound. Active Child released 2 ep's in 2010, Sun Rooms and Curtis Lane, and in 2011 he released his debut studio album entitled You Are All I See. Although Active Child is a relatively new artist, his music has gained the attention of popular music outlets like Drowned in Sound and Pitchfork media and his electronic indie dream pop ambient shoegazer sound is sure to win him the future recognition of both music critics and fans alike. Since beginning his climb to musical fame back in 2010, Active Child has played in concert with tour stops that include the festival circuit, and the future is certain to see more of this artist. For those who haven't heard Active Child, here is the music video for his song, "I'm In Your Church At Night".

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