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Carlos Santana is a legendary guitarist whose music still remains relevant even 40 years after he began playing music. Carlos Santan first gained popularity in the last 60s with his band Santana. At that time, Santan's eclectic mix of sounds made them a band that was unlike any other band. Santana's huge percussion section that featured the congas and timbles set the perfect background to bluesy guitar sounds melting with African and Latin rhythms. Previous to Woodstock, although Santana had signed on with a record label, they were still a generally unknown band. Fortunately, the legendary music promoter Bill Graham had been a fan and made sure Santana was part of the lineup during Woodstock. After Woodstock, Santana would remain a band whose popularity spanned the decades. In the early 2000s, Carlos Santana proved he still had what it took to remain relevant to modern music when he recorded, along with Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas, the enormously popular song "Smooth". If you have never heard the eclectic music of rock legend Carlos Santana, here is your chance with a music video for one of the most popular Santana songs of all time, "Black Magic Woman".

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