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Chuck Berry is a legendary musician who many people in the music industry consider to be one of the inventors of rock and roll music. Chuck Berry's music is a unique combination of rock and roll mixed with a little rhythm and blues as can be heard in his classic songs "Maybellene", "Johnny B. Good" and "Roll Over Beethoven". His music has been covered by a variety of artists like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Grateful Dead, which further proves the effect his music has had on the music industry. In 1984, Chuck Berry received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and his name continuously pops up at the top of numerous "Greatest of All Time" lists, especially in Rolling Stone magazine. Through the years Chuck Berry has played in concert and has often been on tour, and even though he now suffers from health problems, he still continues to get crowds dancing when he occasionally makes an appearance on the concert stage. This is a music video of the legendary musician Chuck Berry performing his classic hit "Johnny B. Good".
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