London Symphony Orchestra in Frankfurt am Main, 2012

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Barbican Hall (London) 08-11-2012

Jurassic Park: Main Theme, Jaws: The Shark Theme, Jaws: Out to Sea, Jaws: The Shark Cage Fugue, Schindler's List: Remembrances, Schindler's List: Jewish Town, Schindler's List: Theme, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Excerpts, Raiders of the Lost Ark: Raiders March, Hook: Flight to Neverland, Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Excerpts, War of The Worlds: Escape From the City, War of The Worlds: Epilogue, Empire of the Sun: Jim's New Life, The Terminal: The Tale of Viktor Navorski, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Adventures on Earth

London Symphony Orchestra setlist in

vergangene London Symphony Orchestra Konzerte in Frankfurt am Main

02.04. Alte Oper Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main
04.10. Alte Oper Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main
10.10. Alte Oper Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main
23.11. Alte Oper Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main

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